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I’m in a slump. Mojo can demonstrate.   The longer I go with this blog the more I realize that times like this are going to happen. There are going to be moments or days where I question why I do this and think about stopping. It feels somewhat like a natural cycle. Also, the […]

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Grilled beef with jalepano chimichurri

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Still holding strong after 17 days? If not, don’t be ashamed. The cleanse that Hubster and I embarked on only lasted about 48 hours before we decided the universe was conspiring against us and we should reschedule our “two weeks off drinking + eating super healthy” to February. […]

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Tex Mex couscous pilaf

I am exhausted and I am in Indianapolis for a work trip. While the information I’m learning is good and the networking (hate that term, btw) I’m doing is great, this type of thing is not my bag. It’s just not my personality to want to talk to people constantly. In about 20 minutes I […]

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