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Butter lettuce salad with shaved parmesan and citrus vinaigrette

Last week I took a last minute business trip to Baltimore for a conference. If you’ve ever done any business traveling you know that opportunities to eat poorly abound: Oh! They’ve served a continental breakfast (i.e. pastries and coffee) for the conference attendees. Great! I’ll have that muffin. Snack break at 10? I’m pretty sure I […]

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Red Beans and Andouille

I blinked and a week flew by. Seriously. Last thing I remember I was eating out-of-season crab with coworkers in Baltimore and suddenly I’m back at my desk a week later wondering what happened to the last 7 days of my life. Oh, sure, there are bits and pieces I remember like shooting a fantastic engagement session on a […]

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Prosciutto Stromboli

This weather is driving me crazy… in a good way. Well, good for me, but bad for productivity. The sunshine is laughing at me. The warm air is beckoning. It’s making me want to drop everything at the door when I get home and pull Hubster outside for a fire. The fire pit we picked up on […]

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