Bathroom art

Who is ready for spring as much as I am? The weather in the Midwest is killing me this winter, although it’s not because of the usual frigid temps. Instead it’s acting more like April than January, which makes me ache for longer days and a continued warming trend.

Instead of playing outside yesterday (it was sunny but not warm) Hubster and I had a lazy day inside. Apparently my idea of a “lazy” day consists of making an entire day’s worth of food from scratch. (Salted caramel brownies, banana chocolate chip muffins, and chicken enchiladas in case you’re wondering.) 

So while I have several posts spooled up for you this week (including the Hubster approved chili recipe!), I thought I’d ease into the week with a non food related post on this awesome, custom artwork we commissioned from Jen at What I Did At School Today.



In between taking care of her three boys and photographer husband while turning out delicious and healthy fare from her kitchen, Jen creates gorgeous textile art. She was kind enough to create this one of a kind piece that is an add-on to her beach inspired work from a few years ago. For all the pieces, she experimented with organic dying that resulted in some deep colors and some rather moldy fabric that when washed developed awesome texture.



So that’s our hall bathroom. What a way to start the week, right? I promise I’ll take you back to the kitchen in the next post.

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