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Grilled paprika tilapia

My name is Heather and I’m addicted to cookbooks. There’s a help group for that, right? If so, I may need to sign up. This summer I bought a pile of cookbooks at at a flea market and a few weeks ago I added to my collection thanks to Goodwill Books. Really, it’s thanks to Goodwill Books and […]

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Is it freezing where you are yet? The weather hasn’t turned to winter here in St. Louis and I’m counting my lucky stars because I can probably eek a few more grilling meals out of 2011. If you still have the luxury of fall weather, you need to make Charmoula.     Char what? I know. […]

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Grilled tuna with cannellini bean relish

It’s summertime and you know all I want to do is grill (well… have Hubster grill). But if you’re like most Americans, this “heat dome” is putting a crimp in your outdoor cooking. When the heat started a few weeks ago, Hubster went on a grilling strike. Thankfully this recipe is easy to prepare inside […]

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