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Fresh cherry cheesecake bars

I don’t normally complain about desserts. I find the production of a challenging layer cake rewarding. And most times even a flop of a dessert still tastes good. This example didn’t flop and tasted awesome, but it was a pain in the butt.     Cleaning a food processor 2 times should have been a […]

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Peanut butter cup blondies

It’s Labor Day Weekend Eve Eve and I’m sitting here wondering what we’re going to do all weekend. Three whole days off is not something we’re accustomed to. Sadly we’re still in the midst of a heat wave so we may be stuck inside. Scratch that, I just checked the weather and rain is the larger threat to outdoor activities […]

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Butterscotch bars

Well, the oven is officially dead. Which means I’m headed into a free weekend with no hope of baking anything. Sad times. Do you think my upstairs neighbor would let me use her oven? We’ve talked all of two times, which is about two more times than I’ve talked to any of our other condo building mates, so I think that […]

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