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chili quest – the Hubster approved recipe

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here you have it: Hubster approved chili. Woot!   The recipe from the third attempt held out, even with stand in chili powder. I kind of forgot that we were out of Chili 3000 after the last attempt. Since I realized this about 5 minutes before needing to start the chili, […]

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chili quest – third attempt

If you’re tracking the Chili Quest you probably noticed that we skipped a number. For some reason my past self did not shoot the second rendition. But it should be noted because there were two important changes that came out of it. After the first attempt we sought out a more robust chili powder and […]

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Chili quest – First attempt

Back in August I was inspired by Rhubarb and Honey’s The 100 list.┬áIt is Kimberly’s way to document all the recipes she’s ever wanted to try but hasn’t yet. I thought this “kitchen bucket list” was a fantastic idea and originally intended to make it a standing category, like Kimberly did. But I found it […]

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