Philly cheesesteak

I know you’re here for good recipes, but I am racking up a wealth of failures. Hubster is scared. I don’t blame him. I think recipe failures come in waves, and my ability to judge whether a recipe is good is oftentimes driven by how hungry I am when I’m writing a menu. And it doesn’t help that the oven is definitely giving off a death rattle.

None of that can be blamed for this failure. It rests squarely on the picture that accompanies this recipe.  


Seriously. Who doesn’t want to eat that?? And it’s light? Sign me UP!!!!!



I wish Cooking Light would have put the money they spent on a food stylist toward more seasonings for this dish. It was seriously, hopelessly bland. I’ve made better cheesesteaks by winging it.



I sound bitter. I am. This sad excuse for a cheesteak just reminds me of the pictures of the crab cakes, slaw, hot sandwiches and shrimp etouffe that just aren’t good enough to share here. Too bad we can’t live on just cake.


What went wrong: The beef had zero seasoning.

Could it be saved: Yes. Dig into your spice cabinet and pull out anything you’d toss on a burger or just give it a healthy dose of Grill Mates Spicy Montreal Seasoning.

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