New plants

Last year I attempted a windowsill herb garden. I took pictures of it and was fully intending to tell you about it. I managed to keep it (and by it, I mean everything beside the basil) alive for most of the summer. Then, slowly, the plants rebelled, silently asking for water which I was far too busy to provide. Eventually I was left with only two tiny non-herb plants and a heart full of sadness. 

When spring rolled around, I was eager to bring some greenery back into our condo. I loaded up the pots and plants and delivered the box o’ death to the best florist in St. Louis. I asked for plants that I couldn’t kill (and jade because I’m in love with that plant right now) and Bridget totally hooked me up.


That bunch of greenery totally makes my day. And I’m determined to keep most (let’s be honest there will probably be some casualties) of them alive.

Over the winter we also grabbed some cool, cube milk glass pots for the master bathroom. They were also filled with a little green happiness.


Each spring, I’ve toyed with the idea of planting some a mini garden outside. These new additions and our Meyer lemon tree that’s actually budding (!!!), is holding those yearnings at bay for now. Are you doing any spring planting (indoor or out)?

Mom - May 14, 2012 - 11:41 pm

Very cute

Renee - May 14, 2012 - 11:44 pm

Such a happy little windowsill! I kill plants like nobodies business. Like if there was a James Bond of killing plants, that would be me. My thumbs are beyond black. I tried to grow basil because I have a fab pesto recipe, but it died. I tried thyme because it was pretty, but it died. I tried to take back one of the cacti that I planted in fourth grade and my mom has kept alive for over a decade, but it died.
The only plant I’ve managed to keep is a Lucky Bamboo that my mom gave me for our first anniversary. It needs to be repotted, but I am afraid.
p.s. You have a LEMON TREE??? I’m so Jealous! I’ve wanted one of those ever since I went to Egypt. But I’d probably kill it.

ModernMealsForTwo - May 18, 2012 - 6:39 pm

Lol! It’s really pretty hard to kill a cactus. So kudos.
Ugh – the lemon tree may have taken a turn for the worse :( It seriously looks like it’s on it’s last legs. It may not have been my fault. I’ve been watering it fine. I think it’s lost the will to live. Also in my defense it’s never looked great. We ordered it online and the shipping really messed with it. We’re thinking about looking locally for a new one. If it’s photogenic and stays alive, I’m sure I’ll post pics.

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