Strawberry scones

I wanted to send you into the weekend with a great recipe, but I sadly discovered after making this recipe that not all scones are created equal. You can imagine what kind of blow this was considering I have a mad crush on scones right now.  


While there is always a chance of user error, I’m definitely blaming this on the recipe. It lacked the right kind of fat to give the scones a bit of airiness… but that’s often the issue with low fat baking. Bring on the butter!



I followed one of the recipe reviewer’s tips and shoved extra berries into the dough. That proved to be only saving grace for this dish as Hubster and I both dug for bites that included fruit.

I have a few more scone recipes saved to try. Maybe these Ham and Chese Scones will redeem this breakfast pastry for me.


What went wrong: The texture was wrong across the board. The wheat flour gave the scones a denseness that was not welcome. And the areas that were not too dense were mushy.

Could it be saved: Cutting the strawberries smaller may help, but I don’t think there’s enough fat in the recipe to offer up a light texture.

What we ate instead: We ate the scones once but pitched the remains.

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