French onion chicken

My birthday came and went, but THE dinner approacheth. As of two weeks ago I was still struggling with what to serve as the main course. I think I had just about everything picked (save for the potatoes, which was a separate mental block). I had finally decided that the PERFECT meal for a January dinner was something braised. Let’s ignore the fact that I never braise anything (unless it’s in a slow cooker… which probably doesn’t count). I saw this recipe and knew it was the ONE suspected it would be the ONE but didn’t trust it enough to go forward without a trial.


Hello! It’s a plethora of caramelized onions slathered onto chicken and covered in melted cheese. I’m a little surprised I didn’t go with this one just based on faith. But a 30th birthday dinner seems like too big of a deal to mess up. 



It started out promising. I just about gnawed my arm off smelling the onions caramelizing for 40 minutes… 40 minutes! A little seasoning and broth and I was ready to slurp these babies up even without the chicken. I restrained myself and managed to finish the chicken, braise it in the oven and top it with cheese.



By the time we sat down I was ravenous. We dove into the dish and were completely disappointed by the texture and the severe lack of flavor. Hubster called it “snotty onion soup with cheesy chicken.” I’d add “greasy” to the chicken description, owing to the use of thighs instead of breasts. Womp, womp. This clearly wasn’t dinner party worthy.


What went wrong: If I hadn’t been blinded by my love of carmalized onions, I think I would have seen that topping french onion soup with a large piece of chicken probably isn’t a great idea. It’s really hard to eat. Plus the texture of this dish was not appealing.

Could it be saved: I’m thinking a french onion soup that has a thick crouton topped with roasted chicken and cheese would be a suitable riff on this original.

What we ate instead: Hawes Nachos (a deceptively simple and delightful evening snack that I promise to share some day.)

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