Roasted chicken with coconut rice

Today we are off, like “totally we’re not doing anything resembling work” off. It has been nice. It feels like a Sunday after the longest month week in the history of man. The neglected bananas on our counter were just turned into muffins and when Hubster said “ribs for dinner” I said “yes.” (Duh)


It’s the kind of day that is perfect for roast chicken. A few years ago I decided that I really needed to know how to roast a chicken. It just seems like something a good cook should know. The secret is a good meat thermometer, because it’s really tough to judge how long a bird is going to need to cook. Thus far my go to recipe is a simple lemon and rosemary chicken with roasted potatoes. Oh how I love those potatoes roasted in chicken fat!


But you can probably already tell that I really like twists on classics. For example, I’ve never made a straight up lasagna. It’s always a little off (or a lot off thanks to a chicken florentine recipe). So this Southeast Asian Chicken with Coconut Rice caught my eye. The 1/2 cup of cilantro convinced me it was worth a Sunday afternoon.

The photo below still makes me cry a little bit. That chick looks perfect… and yet she tasted perfectly bland :(


What went wrong: Where did all that flavor go? Tons of cilantro + ginger + lemon should not equal Blandville.

Could it be saved: I’ll admit that I didn’t technically use the lemongrass called for in the recipe. But I don’t think it would have made a huge difference here. So, no, I don’t think this could be saved. The rice, however, had a nice subtle coconut flavor. I enjoyed it, but Hubster was unimpressed.

What we ate instead: We ate this. It’s hard to toss that much protein in the trash. I also had leftover portions of the rice for breakfast.

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