Duvet cover time

I’ve decided that I want to share some things on here that aren’t food… I even made a category (Not food) to house these posts. While I have some really awesome projects, like an inspiration gallery wall… oh yeah and some awesome shelves we made out of our old bridal show booth, today all I’m thinking about is the bedroom (not like that, get your mind out of the gutter). Fall has finally come to the Midwest and that means it’s time to drag out our down comforter. It’s especially exciting this year because we’ve been holding a brand new duvet cover for over a year. We bought new bedding a little over two years ago, but just couldn’t break down and shell out the $300 for the duvet cover for our set. Seriously, $300. In late summer the set finally went on sale and we scored it at a deep discount. Then we moved and life got crazy. We actually lived with my parents most of the last winter and somehow it didn’t seem right to pull out our snazzy new duvet cover when we were living in a basement. So the time has come, the bedding is complete!


Just look at the pile of steely colored comfort!


Drink it in… it always goes down smooth…


More recipes tomorrow, I promise.

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