Boozy bread pudding

It’s clear that a recipe is destined to make the “Fail” list when in the midst of eating it Hubster educates me how rocket fuel is made… as in “Did you know that this (this being cooking down alcohol) is how they make rocket fuel?” A quick Google search can neither confirm nor deny Hubster’s rocket fuel recipe, but I think you get the fact that he wasn’t exactly complimenting the dish.



The whole thing started off innocently enough. We were headed out of town on a quick road trip to Tennessee and I figured a pop-this-in-the-oven-while-we-finish-packing breakfast was in order. Plus I had recently read a recipe for Boozy Bread Pudding on one of my favorite food blogs. I like booze and bread pudding. Done.



The first problem arose when the middle of the dish wasn’t really setting up. I probably stacked the bread too high, so I’ll claim that as my fault. Luckily 10 extra minutes in the oven yielded an edible product. Unfortunately those extra 10 minutes didn’t help with the flavor of this dish. The bites that weren’t totally bland were overloaded with a condensed alcohol flavor, thus leading to the rocket fuel comment… and Hubster paitently waiting for me to admit defeat so we could grab something actually edible on our way out of town.


What went wrong: The bites that weren’t bland were soaked in concentrated alcohol… in a bad way…

Could it be saved: I really love the food blogger who shared this recipe. So I have to believe that it’s edible in some form. She suggests tossing in some dried fruit. Maybe that would have helped?

What we ate instead: Pasteries and coffee from our favorite coffee house while we drove out of town

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